A downloadable game for Windows

Kittens' Maze is a simple, relaxing, and fun 3D TPP game.

The goal is to gain as many coins within a given time as possible. Some coins are on the ground, some are under the terrain and have to be dugout. The game has also a local PvP game mode.
The playable characters are cute kitties. Males deal more damage but are a bit slower, females deal less damage but are quicker and jump a bit higher. There are also power-ups in the boxes placed in the game arena.

Have fun with destroying the game environment and beating your high scores!


kittens-maze-win.zip 246 MB
Version 1 Jan 23, 2021


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Deleted 2 years ago

That's not true. Characters are from the "Yippy Kawaii" pack, which can be legally bought by any developer in both UE Marketplace and Unity Asset Store. The game credits mention that some game assets are from UE Marketplace.